GPPCMA Bowling for Hunger, 10/10/13

Bowling for Hunger Attendee Directory 24-May-2017
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Full Name (Last, First)Job Title
Aird, StephenRegional Director of Sales
Alston, Gillian 
Anderson, AllenDirector of Sales and Marketing
Asen, Shelby 
Astorga CMP, Lisa 
Astorga, Ashton 
Ballinger, Pam 
Barrett, TheresaDeputy Executive Vice President
Baumeister, UlrichDirector of Sales Worldwide Accounts
Baumer, KathySenior Meeting and Exhibits Manager
Belfi, Christopher 
Bellini, Bob 
Bellini, LeslieMeeting & Events Planner
Benner, NicoleClient Events Manager
Blackshaw McManus, StacyDirector, Corporate Alliances & Exhibitions Operations
Bones, MaryDirector, North and Southeast Region Convention Sales
Boyd, Stephanie 
Bradley, DavidDirector of Convention Sales
Brammell, Kristin 
Bush, BetsyNational Sales Manager
Camacho Thomas, LynnetteSr. Sales Manager, Special Events
Cavanaugh, StephanieBusiness Development Manager
Childs, AshleyStudent
Chung, PaulPresident
Cohn, JimEditor
Coker, Julie 
Damiani, Carol 
Delmar, JamesNational Accounts Manager
DeWeese, Julie 
Di Adamo, Teresa 
Dominijanni, NickDirector of Sales
Dougherty, Caitlin 
Erle, NicoleMeeting Manager
Esten, JonathanSenior Sales Manager
Faust, LarisaDirector National Accounts
Fontaine-Caron, Isabelle 
Freeman, RogerDirector of Sales - Eastern Region
Frye, ChristineConvention Services Coordinator
Gallagher, Cheryl 
Geary, Robin 
Geary, RobinMeeting & Exhibit Manager
Gibbons, Jessica 
Goodspeed, Sharon 
Gordon, Kelly 
Grant, Bonnie 
Grisoglio, Michele 
Groff, LindsayExecutive Director
Hartz, OliviaStudent
Hilpl, ChuckAccount Director
Hochman, MichaelNational Sales Manager
Holland, ClorindaDirector Of Convention Sales- Northeast Region
Isbel, KatherineMeetings Associate
Jackson, ShaneSr. Account Executive
Jacobs, MeredithSales Prospector
Jacobs, Wendy 
Jaworski, ElisaNortheast Sales Director
Jones, Linda 
Joyce, CatherineNE / SE Regional Sales
Kann, Michelle 
Keagy, EricaChapter Administrator
Keane, ChristopherDirector, Worldwide Accounts
Keota, Belinda 
Keppler, Trish 
Kerr, Chris 
Kice, RussellDirector of Sales & Marketing
Kraft Hilpl, PatExecutive Director, Citywide Sales
LaChall, ElizabethSenior Sales Manager
LaFollette, AlisonDirector, Washington DC Office
Laird, HollyDirector of Group Sales
Laveglia, PatriciaNational Sales Manager
Liebeskind, BrandonMarketing and Operations Manager
Lloyd, Patti 
MacNab, Clare 
Madden, AnneSenior Sales Manager
Magana, RominaSenior Sales Manager
Maines, Debi 
Maniotes-Hulsey, DionneRegional Sales Manager
Marvel, LoriGlobal Account Director
Mastrogiuseppe, Elena 
Matyskiela, EvaMeetings Manager
McCullough, Ray 
McDuffee, KatieSales Manager
McGlashen, LisaExhibits Manager
Migner, JuliaPresident
Miller, DanExecutive Director, Hotel Sales
Mobley, Monica 
Morrissey, BrendanAssistant Director Of Sales
Mullen, AutumnSenior Sales Manager
Nelson, MargeAccount Director, Group
Nicholl-Keane, Kim 
O'Connell, BobSales Manager
O'Donnell, JeanConsultant
Ollinger, JenniferNational Sales Manager
Ouellette, Caroline 
Penders, EmilyStudent
Pinto, DanielleSenior Account Executive
Pritzker, JaneNational Sales Manager
Reaver, BrianDirector of Sales, North America
Rehiel, Diane 
Reisig, Vanessa 
Rivera, Maria 
Sadler, Sharon 
Santos, Elizabeth 
Schrank, Florence 
Schriever, NeilDirector of Sales
Schultz, Betty 
Schwedock, SusanNational Meeting and Event Manager
Seasholtz, Heather 
Sefcik, BernardDirector, Hotel Sales
Shapiro, DeborahMeeting Coordinator
Sheppack, Kacie 
Siemers, Adrienne 
Sigouin, Roxane 
Smith, CherylNational Sales Account Manager
Smith, DanielleMeeting Manager
Smith, JacquelynDirector, Software Engineering & Development
Smith, KathyCoordinator of CME
Smith, NormaNational Sales Manager
Sperlunto, Joe 
Squillante, Tina 
Still, LindaSenior Director, Operations
Sykes-Ross, Janice 
Tba, Tba 
Thomas, Melissa 
Thompson, MarioDirector of Sales
Tobias Ingram, CaraSenior Regional Director of Sales
Tomlinson, Megan 
Treu, LarrySales Manager
Turner, BobbieDirector, Convention & Meeting Services
Vancavage, LauraMeeting Coordinator
Von Nieda, RebeccaDirector of Meetings and Administration
Von Nieda, Terry 
Voto, DianaNational Sales Director
Wagner, SueIndependent Planner
Wellman, Shawna 
Wells, CalvinSenior Sales Manager
White, BonnieDirector of National Accounts
Wilden, KirstenMeeting Manager
Williams, Shelley 
Wood, DianeSenior Sales Manager
Young, ConnieConference Director
Young, Donna