KETTLEBILITY | SFG Kettlebell Course | Seattle - 6/7/2015

Seattle, Washington
Sunday, June 07, 2015

The one-day SFG Kettlebell Course is more than entry-level user instruction for the AK-47 of exercise equipment—the kettlebell. It is education in moving strong.  Whether you are a personal trainer, coach, clinician, or someone eager to learn more, this course will give you the foundation upon which to build your strength and the skill set with which to train intelligently and safely.

"The aspects I found the most useful were the breakdown of each movement, proper breathing techniques, and the focus on strength and the use of proper technique to achieve it.  The instructors were EXCELLENT - well spoken, well organized, great delivery... Thank you for the instructor - AWESOME!"   -- Chris Ringland, Spokane WA

No previous kettlebell experience is required. No matter what your goals are, we strongly urge you to take this Course. On one end of the spectrum, subtleties taught in this Course have been instrumental in helping Donnie Thompson make a breakthrough in strength while making back problems a thing of the past—and eventually breaking the 3,000 pound world superheavyweight powerlifting total record. On the other end is Tracy Reifkind, who lost over 100 pounds in less than a year and got stronger in the process.


•   Kettlebell training safety procedures.

•   Essential joint mobility exercises.

•   Sophisticated breathing techniques for strength, back safety, endurance, and reducing the stress level.

•   “Hip-centric” (McGill) movement, a must for strength and back health.

•   Strength Stretching™ principles and key exercises which enable greater expression of strength while dramatically reducing the back, hip, and knee stress.

•   “Lat-centric” shoulder mechanics which protect the shoulder while significantly increasing strength.

•   The most “functional” exercise—the deadlift.

•   A powerful drill for strengthening the feet and the ankles and injury proofing the hamstrings—the one-leg deadlift.

•   The single most beneficial exercise anyone can do—the swing.

•   The get-up—your strongman mentor.

•   The most foolproof squat—the goblet squat.

•   A foundation for barbell skills (this course is a prerequisite for our barbell course).

•   What GPP really is and how to program it. Misunderstanding of general physical preparation, prevalent in the West, even among coaches, prevents one from reaching his or her athletic potential and predisposes him or her to injuries.

•   The principles of effective program design refined and condensed from the Russian methodology.

•   A number of foolproof program design tools and sample programs for a variety of training goals.



Lead Instructor: Senior StrongFirst Instructor, Andrea U-Shi Chang

Course duration: 10am-6pm | Registration begins at 9:30am | Doors open at 9:00am

Cost: $299 

Additional course information:
  • StrongFirst Courses are NASM approved - ask us how to get your CEUs
  • Upon completion of this course, if you register within 3 months of your course date for a StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor Certification, you will receive a $250 scholarship toward the registration fee.
KETTLEBILITY | SFG Kettlebell Course | Seattle - 6/7/2015
Sunday, June 07, 2015 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Pacific Time)

905 NE 65th Street
Seattle, Washington 98115
United States

Map and Directions

Lead Instructor: Senior SFG, Andrea U-Shi Chang

Start time is 10:00am | Registration begins at 9:30am - doors open at 9:00am.

Location:  KETTLEBILITY 905 NE 65th Street Seattle, WA 98115

Parking: There is street parking within a block or two - do not park in front, it is only one-hour parking and they ticket like mad.  Best is to park under the highway in the Park'n'Ride, a short three block walk to the west of the studio.

Lunch: Lunch is not provided, but there are many neighborhood restaurants and cafes, as well as a WholeFoods grocery within one block of the studio.

Suggested Reading Material:
  • Simple and Sinister, by Pavel
  • Enter the Kettlebell, by Pavel
  • Superjoints, by Pavel


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