Seventh Annual Fearless in New England 2016

Chester, Connecticut
Friday, September 02, 2016

Fearless Writing
write, play, eat, & write some more, with CRESCENT DRAGONWAGON

in the lush early fall New England woods: September 2-4, 2016
at a quiet, luxurious, welcoming retreat center in central Connecticut

   "Now I wave to my limitations as I pass them on my way to work." 
              -Jerri Farris, writer, Kansas City, Fearless Writing alumni

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Seventh Annual Fearless in New England 2016
Friday, September 02, 2016 5:15 PM -
Sunday, September 04, 2016 5:00 PM (Eastern Time)

The Guest House Retreat & Conference Center
318 West Main
Chester, Connecticut 06412
United States

Map and Directions

You don't have to be a writer, or would-be writer, to get a lot from a Fearless Writing workshop. On the other hand, if you are, you'll get a double-dip: skills and techniques that will serve you not just in writing but in almost every other life-endeavor.

If you've ever found yourself stopped cold by unexpected change, doubt in your own abilities, uncertain outcome,  other peoples' needs, feeling like a fraud, or unfamiliar economic, technological, or social conditions...

... if you're tired of this, Fearless Writing offers a way to stop being stopped. 

The workshop uses the anxiety generated by chaotic conditions as a powerful creative force. Fearless is practical, effective, creative, serious and playful. It turns apparent obstacles into the material: for writing, but from which to build a thriving and resilient life.

Fearless's writing practices and principles spill over cornucopia-like: from writing, to creativity and problem solving, to business and personal life.

It works for blocked or would-be writers, and for people who don't identify themselves as either.

It works whether you perceive the obstacle stopping you as an inner or outer barrier.

It works, period.

In Fearless, you'll discover how to

  • unwrap the secret gifts of fear, misgivings, & self-doubt
  • decode procrastination's hidden messages
  • align expenditures of time, energy & money to your life-destination
  • experience, trust, and use your creative self as a reliable partner
  • work harder by working softer
  • immediately begin writing with more clarity, strength, and ease
  • find your authentic, original, unique voice
  • keep surprising & re-inspiring yourself
  • use FW's principles to create a thriving business, personal, & creative life 
  • become your own mentor, continuing the Fearless path long after the workshop


Want to know more? Watch this video of then-newly-minted Fearless graduates from Fearless in New York. Click on the tabs above to find out if Fearless is for you, read what other folks who've taken Fearless have to say, and to meet your Fearless leader.

One more thing: Fearlesses are never held in generic or chain hotels, but in carefully picked venues: smaller, independent places that are as one-of-a-kind as the writing process each writer experiences during Fearless... sites where the physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual environment itself comforts, fueling and enhancing inspiration and breakthrough. 

Examples: Fearless Writings have been held in a monastery-turned-inn in Italy, a writers' colony in Arkansas, an holistic spa in Mexico, the Margaret Mitchell Museum in Atlanta (!), Crescent's own farm in Vermont. Usually close proximity to nature is involved, and always, the food is terrific and copious. 

Yet even with a long history of picking out special places, our site for this year's Fearless in New England is exceptional. 

It's the Guest House Retreat & Conference Center, in Chester, Connecticut, housed (beautifully, as you can see if you click on that link)  in a former country inn nestled into 16 wooded acres beside a state forest. The Guest House's very mission  --- "We create opportunities for transformational work and provide a nurturing environment for those seeking to develop human potential and enrich the world" --- is in resonant harmony with that of FW. A beautiful place, quietly luxurious, quietly friendly, where creativity and self-inquiry are valued, nature is close at hand, the food is excellent, and the staff kind and professional. 

And its name? It's from the Rumi poem, The Guest House

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    Earlybirds: save $1295! REGISTER BEFORE June 5th; attend for $2600!

    •   19 hours of Fearless Writing in a supportive, easygoing small group environment
    •   25-plus pages of hand-outs
    •   a link to a private 17-minute video on your confirmation; allowing you to begin now,  even before the workshop starts
    •   one year's access, after the workshop is done, to a private Fearlessly Onward community site, where you'll get daily prompts and weekly inspiration, tips, and interaction with fellow students/colleagues and your Fearless Leader, Crescent

    •   An extra add-on: free tuition (worth $395) included at a post-Fearless session on Sunday afternoon, called Practical Alchemy.

    •   full, unconditional, no-hassle money-back guarantee
    Plus! Eight extraordinarily fine meals & snacks galore, all built around fresh, seasonal local ingredients: 

        Friday-Saturday dinners
        Saturday-Sunday breakfasts
        Saturday-Sunday lunch
        Nibbles, snacks and beverages

    •   Need to pay by installments? Email CD; she'll work it out with you

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